Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Introduction to Santosh Jena's Blog....

Hi Everyone,

Welcome all to my Blog wherein I would be discussing on the latest in US Staffing, H1B Visa, F1 students seeking H1B Visa, Visa Transfers, and H1B seeking GC, Indian H1B holders seeking job in US, H1 Visa for spouse and also apart from this on current Indian Politics and ongoing F1 World Championship and with some of the latest stories around the world.

Have a fascination towards Indian Tourism and My Blog would have a bit of Indian Tourism and its significance.

So you will get to know about US Job Market, US Visa's (Work Visa, Visa Transfers, Spouse looking for Work Visa,  F1 Students looking for H1B, latest articles related to H1B Visa, Indian H1B holders seeking job in US.), US healthcare, Indian Tourism, and the latest in Formula One.

Santosh Jena ...